At Education Institute, we have an employment focused end result in mind. This mindset influences and underpins everything we do.

We measure our success as a training provider not only when you successfully graduate with a certificate; but mostly when you commence employment. While gaining a qualification is important, we believe that the vocational education and training sector has been entrusted with getting Australians work skills that allow them to join the workforce for the first time, re-join the workforce after a break, upgrade skills in their chosen field, or move into a different career. Your success at securing employment is therefore one of the chief ways we measure our success. 
We ensure we have the highest chance of successfully helping you gain employment by choosing to enrol you when you are ready for training and your interests and attributes match what the industry tells us they need. When you are our right match, we embark on a partnership with you to help you gain the necessary skills to attain employment.   
Our employment focused culture filters through into everything we do. We speak to employers in the industries we train in order to gain insight into their expectations and needs and in turn, we share this information with you. We invite industry representatives to come into class to share their knowledge. We put together templates, video clips and articles on how to secure employment which help you get started with your career. These are just some of the things that we do in order to get you employment ready. 
Throughout your time with us, you will be trained not only in the skill sets required by your specific industry, but you will also gain insight into how the job market works and the ways in which you can increase your opportunities to secure employment.
Why do we focus all of our resources on getting you employment ready?
Simple. When you gain employment and are a productive and fulfilled member of society, that is when we know we have succeeded.