As we embrace the 21st century, the workforce and customer needs are changing. We are looking into a future consumer base hungry for human connections and information. It takes more than just a manager to connect the right ideas with the right people, but an innovative 21st century leader to create a better customer engagement experience. 

The Dual Certificate IV in Leadership and Management + Customer Engagement (BSB42015 + BSB40315) is developed to help strengthen the workforce to become a more diverse, flexible team member. This 21st Century Leadership Program is to help you transition from being a manager into someone who can lead a team that has a strong vision and strategy for any industry you work in.

Throughout your studies, together we will unlock the core values required to work as a leader within a team. Develop the skills to manage yourself and others, and embrace the diversity of skills within a new age workforce. We will teach you to sharpen your organisational and planning skills to motivate your team to perform successfully and meet company KPIs. Being a leader takes more than just vision, which is why we train you to manage business day-to-day to high level project management and operational task. A key fundamental component of this course is to train you to prioritise your customers’ needs and wants from your customer service and engagement.

  • COMMENCEMENT DATES: September (date to be confirmed)
  • DURATION: 8 Sessions over 8 months
  • LOCATION: Brunswick 
  • COURSE FEES: This course may be funded by the state and Commonwealth Governments. Accessing funding may impact your future access to funding. To see a full breakdown of course fees, please click here.
  • Government Funded:$200
  • Not Government Funded:$4,000.00 tuition fee


Leadership is not about changing the world. It's about changing a moment that redefines how someone views the world.