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Why we Love our Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (And you Should, Too!)

The leisure and health qualification is a hidden gem. This unique course provides graduates with an integrated skill set that spans individual support, community development, program development and reflective practice. These skills are sought after competencies in the 21st century aged and community services industry.

In today’s world, people across all age ranges are more health conscious than ever before. There is no doubt we are busier than ever before too. Just think about the things you can squeeze into any average given day-unreal hey! That is why people place a huge emphasis on leisure and recreation. They choose wisely because of the value they place on the time invested in this. Leisure is the time people spend on doing the things they like. Recreation is the activities they choose to engage in.

The leisure and health qualification equips graduates to work in residential aged care and a range of settings in community services such as disability work, planned activity groups, youth groups among others. More so than ever before, the residents in residential aged care are expecting healthy, interesting and even challenging leisure and recreation activities. In the disability sector, leisure and recreation opportunities is an important choice for people as they engage in everyday life in our communities.

And that is where the leisure and health worker plays a key role. They get to know the strengths and needs of each individual and the group. They apply person centred practice principals to form a strong and healthy therapeutic relationship with each individual. They put the person at the centre of their individual leisure and health program. They use community development frameworks to engage the group in the development of an interesting and dynamic program that builds on strengths and addresses need. They reflect with depth and purpose about their work and the outcomes they are achieving so they can constantly strive to do better and better each time. They deliver the activities and facilitate each group session and experience the deep satisfaction of seeing people engaged, having fun and getting more out of this precious life; they have unearthed this hidden gem!

We love this qualification and we know that if the things we have covered in this blog resonate and appeal to you then you will love it too!

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Author: Ann Jenkinson

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