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What Makes a Team Great?


“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”….....Michael Jordan

Success in today's business world is more than individual talent and performance. In fact, the key to any business success depends on great and high performance teams within an organisation.

So what makes a team great? Or if you’re forming a team, what qualities do you want to see in your team? How do effective teams work together and consistently achieve success?

These are great questions. But it remains useful to keep in mind that great teams do not just happen by chance. Those great teams that fit together are the result of hard work, patience and intentional leadership who are prepared to put together the team to become great over a period of time.

A team is more than just a group of people who work together. Winning teams have players who make things happen and these teams typically differentiate from others in these areas:

Clarity – Clarity of vision gives team members direction and confidence. They have clear understanding of the mission, purpose, roles, responsibilities and expectations on how to work together.

Collaboration - When team members are aligned around a shared vision and focused values, the team will grow from the inside out. These common understandings foster a culture of high collaboration among the members.

Communication – Great teams create and practice an open communication culture. They provide and receive positive feedback regularly in a way that improves the team's effectiveness and deepens the relationships and trust among the members.

Commitment – A passionate degree of commitment of every team member is essential. Leaders can foster this by ensuring everyone understands how team members’ specific strengths and skills contribute positively to the overall success of the organization.

Creativity – Another common quality found in great teams is creativity. These members think things that others do not think and they are constantly looking for fresh ideas and innovative ways to do things.

Celebration  – “Tough times don’t last, tough teams do.” This is what makes teams GREAT! They will stick together and embrace the positive attitude of learning from their mistakes – ‘Sometimes they win, sometimes they learn (not lose)’. A highly effective team will stand the test of time and they know how to celebrate achievements.

Therefore, the challenge of getting people and putting together a great team is not an easy task. It requires solid leadership to build the teams to become great, having a shared common purpose of understanding the meaning of a true T.E.A.M and that is:

Together Everyone Achieves More!


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Author: Alfred Cheah

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