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What is a Pre-Training Review? Why is it important?

If you’re enquiring about a Pre-Training Review chances are you have already done a huge amount of research into your potential course and training provider. One of the key steps you will take now is to attend a Pre-Training Review (sometimes also known as orientation, induction, session 1, etc.).

The purpose of the Pre-Training Review is to help you with your final decision making about a course and Training Provider. In fact, all students at Education Institute must attend a Pre Training Review in order to be invited to commence training. 

The things you can expect at a Pre-Training Review Session include:

1. Course Information

You will be provided in depth detail regarding your potential course. Along with practical details like location and session duration you will also be provided with details regarding how you will be taught and assessed. This includes:

  • Delivery modes and methods
  • Topics covered in the course
  • Key projects and assessments
  • View sample assessments and the level of work required

2. Recognition of Prior Learning

If you have any previous qualifications or significant experience in the industry of your potential course, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). This is where we review your current skills and qualifications and identify if you already have sufficient competency in any of the units for your potential course. If you do, we can complete an RPL and this will save you from having to complete the delivery and assessment for relevant units. 

3. Career Guidance 

You will receive information on the kind of jobs this course could lead to. Some have very specific job outcomes, others broader. This will be discussed with you so that you have all the information you need to make a decision regarding your potential course.

We will also discuss potential opportunities for further study and, if possible, identify follow-on courses that you may wish to consider post-completion of this potential course. 

4. Meet an Industry Expert

All of our Pre Training Reviews are facilitated by one of our trainers for that industry area. Our Trainers are all industry experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience – they may even be the trainer that is going to deliver and assess your potential course!

5. Subsidies and Funding

Education Institute is approved to access funding under the Victorian Training Guarantee. This means that, if eligible, the Federal and/or Victorian Government may partially or fully subsidise the cost of your training. 

There are strict eligibility criteria for the Victorian Training Guarantee; you can complete a pre assessment here to see if you maybe eligible.

At Pre-Training Review we will let you know if you are eligible for a government subsidy, if there are any fees payable, and provide you with comprehensive details regarding how accessing a government subsidy will impact your future access to government subsidies and funding.

6. Language, Literacy and Numeracy 

Each course or qualification requires differing capabilities when it comes to:

  • Capacity for independent learning
  • Reading comprehension
  • Communicating in a written form
  • Communicating orally
  • Numeracy

The Pre-Training Review allows you to understand what level is required for each of these areas. It will let us know if there are areas that you may require additional support in or if you may need to do further study prior to the course you are enquiring about and what options there are for you.

7. Ask Questions

A range of people will be available at the Pre-Training Review for you to ask any and all questions you have. We will always have someone available who has in-depth knowledge and understanding of government subsidies, fees and payment plans to answer your questions.

Our industry-expert Trainers will also be able to answer any questions you have about the course, the industry or just general career advice.

The Pre-Training Review is one of the most vital sessions you will attend when deciding on a course or Training Provider. This is the time to get as much information as you needto make an informed decision. Remember, the Pre-Training Review is for information gathering – there is no pressure to commit to a course or even select your Training Provider until you are fully comfortable with your choice!

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Author: Hinna Khan

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