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  • Transitioning to School - 5 tips to support the next big step September 21, 2017

    Term 4 begins and in the world of a 4- to 5-year-old in the Early Childhood sector, it’s all about school readiness. 

    Across the state, school transition learning and development statements are being prepared by Early Childhood Teachers within Kindergartens or Long Day Care Centres, with the aim of these being forwarded onto the child’s prospective primary school.  In addition to this, many primary schools now conduct supplementary transition programs or pre-prep programs during Term 4.   During these programs the children participate in directed activities which extend on their ‘kinder’ experience with the aim of having the children ready to start ...

  • What is 5S and How Can It Benefit My Business September 14, 2017

    5S is a housekeeping discipline that creates a focus and sustainability on process improvements. However, 5S is more than just housekeeping - it is the foundation for your business to create a culture of continuous improvement. There are five phases to 5S:


    This step in the process is designed to question what is in your work area versus what is required. It is also one of the steps that can create confusion if not done correctly.

    For the sort phase to be successful, you must red tag all items removed from the work area, segregate them, and review if they are actually required periodically ...

  • Improving Productivity in the Food Industry September 07, 2017

    Among the basic needs of humans, food is, without a doubt, the most important. It is essential to consistently have a sufficient supply of food and therefore, imperative for existing food industries to improve productivity.

    How is this achieved? It is simple: Invest in training.  Yes training. A trained work force gives companies the competitive edge and the ability to keep prices competitive. Training should include:

    • Quality control and using the correct receipts and Standard Operating Procedures
    • Waste reduction and the efficient use of resources
    • Mapping the process of their jobs ...

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