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Increasing Productivity: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Many companies think they have to invest substantial amounts of money in equipment to improve their business productivity, when all they have to do is invest in their people.

Did you know that a majority of companies spend thousands of dollars on ISO accreditation, but do not utilise the benefits around employee personal development and skills gap analysis?

Many organisations make continuous improvement or CIs part of their employees KPIs without giving them the appropriate training and wonder why they are not increasing their productivity.

Did you know that most competitors will look into different market segments for growth and as part of their PEST & SWOT analysis they will measure your productivity and if your business is full of waste they will see it as an opportunity and enter your marketplace?

Step 1:

Insanity (Albert Einstein): Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is Insanity; you need to stop and measure your employees’ performance because data is your friend.

First thing you need to do is educate your staff around waste, also known as non-value adding activities.  Did you know that 80% of the activities in your business do not add any value at all? Your customer is not willing to pay for it, the activities must be performed, but it is a low cost-high impact way to improve your productivity.

Step 2:

Stop blaming your employees when things go wrong and start blaming the inadequate systems.

  • Do you have skills matrixes visible for all employees to see?
  • Are you actively measuring the skills in your team (Gap Analysis)?
  • Are you too busy putting out the fires created by not having enough appropriately trained staff?
  • If you have a quality problem does it trigger re – training?
  • Are you proactively updating your standard operating procedures? Or maybe you don’t have any at all or are your SOPs also full of gaps?

There is the old saying that if you are not measuring your staff’s performance and productivity, how can you improve? You need a sound employee training and employee development program to ensure their continued professional development. Investing in staff leads to you increasing productivity. 

Step 3:

Create a culture of KAIZEN continuous improvements to improve your productivity, low cost high impact.  Start training your staff and measuring their performance, map your processes and identify the non-value adding activities. Put proactive - not reactive - systems in place to increase your productivity. Implement triggers to improve your teams’ performance when thing don’t go to plan. Stop being reactive and start being proactive. The best way to get better productivity is to create a culture of continuous improvement by utilizing the competitive systems and practices tools, low cost- high impact solutions. It is not as difficult as you might think - you just need to stop the insanity.                

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Author: Tony Webb

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