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Can Root Cause Analysis Really Improve your Bottom Line?


"Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level." - Peter Drucker

Many organisations are struggling with improving financial performance for bottom-line results due to various problems that affect their operations, reduce company profits, and generate high level of customer dissatisfaction.

Do you, as leader, struggle to manage these recurring operational problems that are costing your organisation unproductive time, wasted efforts and money?  You have tried to fix these problems quickly without ever finding what caused them in the first place. These unresolved problems could explain why many organisations experience increased operating costs and lower quality of the product and services resulting in driving customers away.

So what can leaders do to improve their company profitability?

Root cause analysis (RCA) is one of the most powerful tools you can use to reduce costs and to improve profitability. Successful organisations are embedding the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process as part of their culture of service innovation and operational excellence to support long-term business improvement and value creation for their customers.

Quite simply, RCA is a proven technique designed to assist you as a leader to increase your knowledge and practical problem process-solving skills to uncover together with your team members the real, often hidden reasons why a process problem is recurring, and to suggest a viable solution to resolve it. Only when the root cause is identified and eliminated can the problem be considered solved resulting in substantial cost saving. It is vital to identify cause and effect. 

By using RCA, leaders can introduce organisational high-performance teams in many situations with sustained improvements and most importantly, engage your teams in a learning process for thorough understanding of relationships of the causes and effects and solutions.

At Education Institute, we can assist companies with RCA training and engaging your employees in the RCA process, equipping leaders and teams with the skills to use Root Cause Analysis tools for business improvement, and to help solve the challenges confronting an organisation.

If you are in search of ways to make your operation run efficiently and cost effectively, then Root Cause Analysis  training should be high on your list of management priorities.

Contact us now to see how Education Institute can help you find the root cause of your business issues.


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Author: Alfred Cheah

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