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4 Common Behaviour Styles Explained - Which One Are You?

As individuals, we all have a unique personality however share some common traits in relation to the typical kinds of behaviours that we exhibit everyday in the workplace. The most successful employees are those that can understand their own, and others, preferred behaviour styles.

Benefits of understanding behaviours styles include:

  • It is a terrific way to start to understand “you” in relation to your needs and preferences in the workplace
  • It helps you to understand the needs and preferences of others in the workplace
  • Understanding the different behaviour styles and their needs and preferences can help you in adapting to different styles.

Typically, there are 4 common behaviour styles:

Behaviour Styles - The Driver 

The Driver:

  • Usually works in a non-nonsense manner
  • Tend to be upfront and task focused – they like to get the job done and to keep moving forward with pace.
  • Typically ambitious and has high standards.
  • Often likes things done their way.
  • Can get frustrated if others don’t meet their high standards and work in the way they would prefer.
  • Good self-awareness will understand that people work at different paces and will do things in their own way.
  • Often a resilient and determined worker who likes communication that is direct and to the point

Behaviour Styles - The Expressive

The Expressive:

  • Typically and emotive person who is creative and likes trying new things
  • Typically a big picture person
  • Often struggles with boundaries because they wear their heart on their sleeve.
  • Like to be stimulated so can struggle to finish things properly because they get bored and shift their attention to the next great idea or project
  • Can struggle to regulate their emotions
  • An Expressive with good self-awareness will know they need to develop an eye for detail and to be more organised
  • Likes change and is often very visionary

Behaviour Styles - The Analytical

The Analytical:

  • Likes detail and following rules and procedures
  • Inclined to shield their emotions from others
  • Methodical and thorough, their work is most often very polished and well presented
  • Likes to plan their work and to be well prepared for jobs they have to do
  • Likes to be allowed to get on with their work with few interruptions.
  • They get very focused
  • Likes to deal in fact, logic and needs rationale if they are to buy into big ideas.
  • With self-awareness will know they have to let their guard down sometimes. They will also know they need to learn to see the big picture

Behaviour Styles - The Amiable

The Amiable:

  • The peace-maker
  • They love harmony
  • People pleaser who often puts the needs of others before their own
  • Likes calm and does not often rock the boat.
  • Prefer to go along to get along but do have a strong sense of justice and fairness
  • Often knows what is going on in a workplace because people confide in them
  • They are such good listeners
  • Self-awareness will know that they need to develop assertiveness because they dislike conflict.
  • They will also know that they need to speak up for themselves and not just others

Understanding yours, and your colleagues behaviour styles will help you to grow and progress not just as a professional, but also as an individual.

 Behaviour Styles - Education Institute Questionnaire

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Author: John Bamborough

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