Remember that one person when you were growing up? They weren’t a real superhero, but they were to you. For a lot of people that person was a teacher - someone who made that passion from deep within light up and inspire you to change the world around you. They changed the course of your life from that one, awe-inspiring moment.

Here at Education Institute, we strive to find these people every day to help us with our quest to make a difference in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) world. Without these inspired people constantly pushing the boundaries, life would be pretty boring!

Our people are what build our culture, discover each of their stories.

All of our Ageing Support, Home and Community Care, Aged Care and Leisure and Health Trainers have extensive experience within the sectors they service in addition to their teacher and training capabilities. Most have worked as Personal Care Assistants (PAC's), Personal Care Workers (PCW's), Disability Support Workers and Lifestyle Coordinators across both Aged Care and Home and Community Care. Meet our trainers below! 

Ann Jenkinson

Ann Jenkinson is a caring and compassionate trainer who strives to provide quality Aged Care training and Leisure & Health training so that the elderly can live with maximum dignity, comfort and independence. Having been a personal care assistant herself for years, her goal is to change another person’s life with education in the Aged Care industry. When asked what attracted her to the industry, Ann says, “I cannot describe the passion that I have for Aged Care; I feel privileged that I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people in our community. What I have learnt about life and myself through this journey, money could not buy.” Ann has worked as a trainer in the industry for the past 8 years but when she’s not training, she enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and volunteering. 


Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy is a caring and compassionate trainer. She is passionate about helping others in the Disability and Aged Care sectors. Before she became a trainer, Amanda accumulated over 20 years of experience working in the Community Services industry. One of her roles was as a Disability Program Director.  Her role entailed liaising with families and carers within the community to ensure clients’ needs were met and that they received the services they required. This is something that Amanda holds in high regard and always strives to do the best she can in whatever role she is undertaking. Amanda takes a keen interest in all things community services including being an avid follower of developments and implementation of the NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme.


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