Remember that one person when you were growing up? They weren’t a real superhero, but they were to you. For a lot of people that person was a teacher - someone who made that passion from deep within light up and inspire you to change the world around you. They changed the course of your life from that one, awe-inspiring moment.

Here at Education Institute, we strive to find these people every day to help us with our quest to make a difference in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) world. Without these inspired people constantly pushing the boundaries, life would be pretty boring!

Our people are what build our culture, discover each of their stories.

All of our Early Childhood Education and Care Trainers have extensive experience within the sectors they service in addition to their adult teacher and training capabilities. Most have worked across Kindergadrens, Long Day Cares, Family Day Cares starting as classroom assistants and working their way up to Directors.

Meet our trainers below! 

Tamara Cugnetto

Tamara Cugnetto has been working in the Early Childhood Education and Care sector for the past 18 years. She is passionate about education and passing on her knowledge and experience. Coming to Education Institute was a bit of a career change for her in that she went from being an early childhood teacher and working with children, to being a trainer and mentor for upcoming educators in the industry. Tamara has provided training in the National Quality Framework across Melbourne. Her goal is to make a difference in the Early Childhood industry and now she is doing that in a new way. When asked how she knows she is doing her job well, Tamara says, “I know when I am doing my job well when my students are focused on their work and as committed to the course as I am to the industry.” It is important to her to make a difference in not only her students’ lives, but also in the lives of their families and the communities they work in.

Early Childhood Trainer

Deborah Wang

From as early as she can remember, Deborah Wang has always wanted to work as an Early Childhood Educator. In 2001 she started her journey in this industry and with the support and guidance from her loving family, husband and children; she has succeeded and grown in this field.
Many doors have opened for her along the way, including working interstate, various promotions into management and now as a trainer and assessor for Early Childhood Education and Care. Deborah has been excited about each new role and the challenges that went with them.
She is passionate about caring for and educating our young people and life has a funny way of bringing us to where we need to be. For her, that is as an Early Childhood Education and Care Trainer and Assessor, to prepare and impart knowledge for the next generation of Early Childhood Educators.