Remember that one person when you were growing up? They weren’t a real superhero, but they were to you. For a lot of people that person was a teacher - someone who made that passion from deep within light up and inspire you to change the world around you. They changed the course of your life from that one, awe-inspiring moment.

Here at Education Institute, we strive to find these people every day to help us with our quest to make a difference in the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) world. Without these inspired people constantly pushing the boundaries, life would be pretty boring!

Our people are what build our culture, discover each of their stories.

All of our Business Efficiency Trainers have extensive experience within the sectors they service in addition to their adult teacher and training capabilities.We have specialist within Food Production Services, Manufacturing Services, Transport and Logistics, Warehousing and Leadership. 

Meet our trainers below!

Tony Webb

With 25 years in the manufacturing industry and four years as a trainer/assessor, Tony Webb brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Education Institute as one of our trainer/assessors. He is passionate about the need for change management for business survival. He enjoys meeting new people and is genuinely interested in seeing businesses improve their culture and performance. Tony's love of process has led to increased productivity for a number of organisations. 
Over the years Tony has gained several qualifications in his pursuit of professional development. Through that journey there was one facilitator and mentor who had a huge impact on his career and it was through this mentor’s guidance that Tony was able to achieve things that he never thought possible. Once he achieved his goals in the industry, he was looking for his next challenge and decided that he wanted to share his knowledge and experience and help other people achieve great things in industry, just as he had.



Alfred Cheah

Alfred Cheah received his Masters of Management (Supply Chain, Logistics and Development) from Macquarie Graduate School of Management and his Bachelor of Business from RMIT. With over 10 years working in the manufacturing and logistics industries and 15 years as a trainer in these industries, Alfred brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to his students, both theoretical and practical - in the classroom and out in the workplace. When asked what makes it all worth it, Alfred says, “Seeing students enjoying learning and applying new skills at the workplace”. Alfred's love of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) has improved business process for many organisations. 
He is currently delivering Certificate IV in Leadership and Management & Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices here at Education Institute.

Transport Warehousing Trainer

Danny Jaimangal

When he is not fishing or traveling, Danny Jaimangal is a Leadership and Management & Competitive Systems and Practices trainer. He obtained his Master of Business Administration from Victoria University and a Master of Engineering (Quality Management) and Graduate Diploma in Quality Management from RMIT. He has a background of nearly 20 years working in training and management in the production industry but early on, he recognised his passion for teaching. In his early days, Danny worked as a secondary school teacher. Later he worked in roles such as a training and development manager, a plant manager and a site operations manager. He says that he wanted to get back to his true calling - training and coaching - and came around full circle to work as a trainer here, at Education Institute.
Danny finds meeting new people and sharing new ideas a rewarding aspect of his work. He is very personable and the clients and students love him. His passion for his work shows in the enthusiasm he displays every day in the classroom and workplace environments.

Food Processing Trainer

Ian Said

Ian Said is a Training Manager at Education Institute. With 12 years of experience in the printing industry under his belt, he decided to move into the world of training in the areas of manufacturing technology, competitive systems and practices and frontline management in 2012. Ian is passionate about education, business optimisation and the manufacturing environment He has spent quite some time now working with many different organisations implementing a Competitive Systems and Practices (CSP/LEAN) program and enjoys being able to make positive changes in the industry. When asked what the most rewarding thing about his job is, Ian says, “Knowing that the courses that we develop reach thousands of students from which they get real employment outcomes; that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”